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You Think You Know Fear
"Oh you think you know fear?" ShadowWhisper whispered into the young decepticon's ear.  "You think your everything, you think your evil, you think you know how to make any bot brake. But you don't…You know…NOTHING. Nothing! Little Bot, your are pathetic!" He growled the words slow and clear, as piercing as ice. The decepticon bot squirmed and struggled in Shadow Whisper's grip. But the autobot had him pinned, and his extra strength didn't help the bot, the decepticon's name was SharpEdge. Shadow Whisper, or Shadow for short grinned showing blood covered teeth, as he pressed his claws harder against SharpEdge's  neck. SharpEdge looked nervous, "I thought you were an Autobot…" He said "You guys don't kill…U-Unless you have to. I surrendered! " His voice was high, Shadow was covered in bot blood, his visor came closer to SharpEdge. As he whispered in his ear "I'm not an autobot you fool…I was like you…Like your kind… A decepticon…Do you know what they did to me? Do you? Do you know the kind of pain I have felt? The kind of pain I'm going to inflict on YOU!" Shadow leaned back his claws still wrapped around Sharp's neck, and started laughing. He sounded…Insane. Literally. Shadow's voice was different, more low pitch, his movement was different, the way he talked, acted, he seemed utterly strange.  He didn't seem like…HIM. "B-But Y-Your ShadowWhisper! Y-You're a an Autobot! Y-You can't do that!!" SharpEdge blurred out panicked and frightened. He didn't want to die like…This! Shadow Whisper chuckled "Shadow Whisper? I'm not Shadow Whisper…I'm your worst dream…I'm Nightmare! Just like this is going to be you fool!!" He pressed his claw closer to SharpEdge's neck, grinning from horn to horn on his helmet.
"It's time…To have some Nightmares…"
Just a little thing I wrote, :) a little sneek peek at Shadow Whisper's "Other" Side! X3 Feel free to RP this scene with me if you so choose, as I do not plan on continuing it I simply wanted to write something creepy! :la:

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December 30, 2012
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