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Part two- arguments against brothers

Later that day they let Leo and Drake go, Leo went to look for Drake and walking down the hall way unsteadily, he found Drake’s door. He found his Spartan brother in his room Leo jumped back at seeing the whole right side of Drake’s face, and neck covered in large bandages. Drake looked up from the mirror and over at him, his expression was blank and dull. “H-hello Brother…” Leo says unsure slightly, Drake looks away. “Hey.” He says simply. Leo sighed slightly “Brother whats wrong? Aren’t you happy? We made it! We did it!” Leo says stepping toward Drake. Drake didn’t look at Leo instead he looked as his own reflection, “We made it…They didn’t…Rebecca didn’t make it…100 others are either dead twisted in horrifying way or to wounded, their bodies twisted too much to fight.” Drake answered Leo his voice low. Leo looked at him in utter shock, he fell quiet for a long moment. “Rebecca? Your sister?” He said, then blinked a few time and frowned angrily. “At least we made it Drake, you should be happy…We made it.” Leo almost never called Drake by his real name, unless it was important or if he was angry; and with that the Spartan turned around and left his wounded brother behind, walking to his room and closing the door trying not to slam it. He soon went to sleep on his bed, disturbing thoughts and memory’s haunting his deep dreams.

Drake stood up and closed his door, as he turned the handle came off he fell quiet for a long moment. “Oops…” He tried to put it back carefully, but couldn't get it to stay. He put it on his table stand “I’ll fix that later…” He said to no one. And sat down on his bed to sleep until he was called, he felt exhausted and soon fell into deep sleep

Later that Afternoon Leo knocked on Drakes door, he didn't feel as angry as he did earlier. In fact he was worried about his Spartan Brother, Drake open it and cursed quietly. “I will put that back…Again…I promise..” Drakes mutters to himself, and opens the door. As it open the handle on Leo’s side falls out, and he noticed the other side handle’s in Drake’s hand. He laughed to himself and looked up at his Spartan brother, “I see you’re the one that got a lot of the muscle huh?” Drake smiled slightly glad to see Leo in a better mood he nodded, “It does seem that way yes.” He said. Drake then sighed and looked away for a moment, Leo noticed “What is it?” he asked. Drake sighed and answered with “It’s time to remove the bandages, so the wounds can get air says the doc…He says there’ll be scarring….”  Leo put a hand on Drake shoulder “Brother…We’ve gotten plenty of scars…This one won’t stop us any different…And I don’t mean the scar on your face.” Leo said, he meant the scar of all those deaths. The Scar of Rebbeca’s death for Drake, of their teammates,…Their brethren.  Drake looked at Leo taking a deep breath he nods and walks over to the mirror. Leo helps him remove the bandages slowly and carefully, and as they peel the last layer away finally they see it…

A deep red and raw scar goes just behind Drake’s right eye down his jaw, the flesh torn and red with rawness as it goes over his jaw and down his neck all the way to his shoulder. The worst of it being on his face…Not a nice sight to see. Leo looks away feeling self-conscious and steps back not wanting to seem starring. Drake’s expression si emotionless as he stares at himself in the mirror, not a word escapes his mouth as he looks…His expression looks just….Blank.  Leo looks back at him, being carefully to look at Drake and not the ugly scar. “Brother?” His voice is low and gently filled with hidden worry that he can’t hid. They always called each other Brothers…Even though they weren’t related they might have well been. They didn’t look alike but they knew each other, and acted like siblings.  Drake just stares at the mirror and say nothing, right when Leo opens his mouth to ask again Drake turns toward him. Leo flinches visibly, Drake just stares at him. “Let’s go, don’t want to be late.” And with that he pushes Leo aside gently but firmly turns down the hall and walks off. Leo jogs to catch up with him, “Drake!” Drake ignores him and heads into the Sargent’s Office,  he enters Leo right behind him. “Sir!” They both salute and the Sargent nods at them. 


“You wanted us sir.” Drake says

“Yes, I want
you both to take a week off, to get used to the enhancements alright?”

“If that’s
what you want sir. But I’d broth-“ Drake started.

“I didn't ask what you preferred Lutenit.”  The
Sargent said cutting him off.

“Yes sir.”
Drake answered.

“You may

 Drake frowned angrily, turned and left the room without another word, leaving Leowatching him go with a worried look. 

Part two is Separate ways. Finnaly Drake's scar gets relvied....But is it the only scar?
Part one: [link]

Drake (c) Me
Leo (c) *GoldenDrakAngel
Side Characters (c) Me

How do you spell lutenit? >< I can't figure it out -_-. Hope you guys like it!
There were some grammar mistakes, and some spelling mistakes also, but in all, it's a great story! (seeing that I helped a little. XDD) But it's a little straight forward, it needs some suspense... ya know? like... a little bit of mystery. You had it all great in the chapter before, but still, ya need to work on the suspense. ^^

You did a great job, once again! And hope to see the next one soon! And maybe a little bit more of Leo in there would help... it is about the two of them, not only surrounding one of them. ;)

~Hope, Freedom, Love.

~Rush :heart:
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