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"NO!" West growled.
"Aww c'mon west it'll be fun!" Agent Virginia insisted. "See, even Oregon is enjoying it!"
"NO!" West said again, "I'm perfectly fine right here!" She said sitting down on the sand and crossing her legs, stubbornly.  Virginia sighed but walked over, "C'mon, you'll be fine. It's just water." She insisted.  "No…I hate water…" West said shifted and looking away. She watched the other freelancer in the lake, folding her arms. "Why? It's not like it's going to bite!" Virginia said chuckling. West shifted "Spartan don't swim Virg, they SINK!"
"You mean you don't know how to swim?" Virginia said after a moment of silence.
"No, I mean I'll sink! I have metal bones for goodness sakes!" West growled.
"No you won't, Your brother Drake is doing just fine! C'mon it'll be fun!" She insisted grabbing West's arm and tugging.  "I mean even Missouri is there and he has to be just as heavy as you! And Oregon would enjoy your company I'm sure." Virginia smirked.
West frowned "Missouri is nowhere near as heavy as me. His bones are normal, he's just shockingly muscular. And don't give me that look about Oregon!" She said as Virg continued to pull her closer to the water.  "Alright, alright! You get my point! And what look? I thought it was obvious with you and Oregon."
West just grunted, currently distracted as water lapped at her feet. She dug her heels into the sand and stopped. Virginia looked up "Cmon west…It'll be fine." West didn't move for a long moment, then took a few steps in with Virginia. Feeling the water as it came up to her knees and eventually her waist. Past memories came to her mind, memories of panic, drowning, choking, fear, darkness. She blinked and swallowed hard, stopping suddenly.  Starring down into the watery deths….
"What is it west? Your almost there." Virg said.
"No, no, no, no I can't do this. I can't do this." West said her breathing becoming faster, her muscles tensed up. She continue to stare into the water as it lapped up her sides, she was starting to panic.
Virg glanced around a moment then leaned closer, "West relax, it's okay. It's just water, really, there's nothing to freak out about." She insisted carefully.
"No, No, No, No!  I can't do it!" West said, her voice higher. Oregon stopped trying to dunk water on Nevada and looked their way, "Whats going on here?" he asked swimming over to them and standing up in the water.  West tried to pull away from Virg. "West is freaking out, over…Um…The water. I don't know why." Virginia explained, she couldn't understand how someone could freak out…Over…Water? Oregon gave her a look, then turned to west, stepping closer to her. "West, calm down. Nothing is wrong, your fine, you're not even in deep enough to drown if you tried. Just relax…" he put a carful arm around her, and gave her a reassuring smile. West swallowed, and whispered "I hate water…I really hate water…"  She said. "It's okay, I'm here." Oregon reassured.  "C'mon, come a little farther?"
"Well….Alright." West gave in after a moment.
Meanwhile somewhere else in the water.
Hawaii jumped up and dumped a bucket of water on top of George.  "Ah ha! Got you!" She cheered happily. George jumped slashing  in the water "GAH! Hawaii! You scared me!" He startled, but then started laughing as well. "I know that's the point silly head!" She said splashing more water on him, smiling. "I got bored, so I came over to see you. Missouri is just laying in the water…Which is isn't much fun…Well, for me anyways. And I don't think he'd appreciate me dumping water on him…Soooo…I did it to you instead!" She explained.  "Why me?" George huffed sarcastically.  "Because you more fun!" Hawaii said laughing, she hugged him. George laugh as well and hugged her back, before splashing her. "Hey now! You're not the only one who can dump water on people hmmm?" He said. Stepping back a bit, smirking at her. "Hey!" Hawaii said, still smiling she splashed him back. "You're not supposed to return fire!" She giggled.  She went to jump at George when something picked her up suddenly, she yelped surprised.  She looked over her shoulder to see it was Missouri, standing up in the water, as he was much taller than her. "Hey, you left me alone and I was wondering where my little sweetie ran off too!" He smiled, Hawaii giggled. "You were boring! I went to go attack George!" She said pointing over at George. "Oh, I'm boring now am I? How about we change that?"  Missouri responded, he smirked. "What do y-" Hawaii never got to finish her sentence, as Missouri suddenly dunked her into the water, releasing his grip as he did so. Hawaii exploded back up to the surface a moment later, "Hey!" She said but was giggling loudly. "That was fun!!" She declared smiling widely.  Just then George popped up out of the water and splashed her, quickly disappearing again.  "Hey! I'll get you back for that!" Hawaii said, George started swimming away. "You gotta catch me fi-URK!"  He ran head first into Missouri. "Crap! Ow, Sorry!" He said looking up, Missouri slowly smiled in a slightly creepy way.
"Dude…Why are you smiling like that…."
Missouri suddenly took out a bucket from behind him and dumped water on George. "The score is even now." He said, dropping the bucket and walking over to Hawaii who was giggling.  George spat lake water out of his mouth, wiping his chine. "Right…" He mumbled, then couldn't help be laugh. He turned and noticed West in the water. "Hey West! You finally made it in with us!" West just nodded and didn't answer, pressing hard against Oregon as he led her deeper. One arm around her carfully. "It's not that bad honestly." Oregon insisted.  "Even Nevada is having fun." He pointed as Nevada who was splashing water onto Washington and laughing. "Why do you hate water?" Oregon ventured carfully.  West shifted slightly, "Because…I've always had a small fear of water. But, I did something…In Spartan training, I embarrassed a Sargent…And did some really annoy things to him…I won't say what. But, one night he took me out for a 'special training exercise.' And he made me get into the water…But…He pushed me down, and was choking me under the water…T-Trying to drown me…Drake must have heard us go out…And he killed the sergeant, but not before my lungs got a good fill of water….And…I was hospitalized for a few weeks…" West said stopping. And sighing slightly, "No offense, you seem to get hurt a lot." Oregon said, trying to be funny. West smiled slightly and chuckled "Yeah it seems so." She said, "But I see…Well no one here is going to let that happen." Oregon reassured her. "Thanks…" West said. "No problem." Oregon responded. "Now, ready to try going under?" Oregon asked, as he held West up in the deeper water. West swallowed "A-Alright…" she said carefully, Oregon wasted no time in releasing his grip and letting her drop into the deep water.  Three seconds later west burst up from the water and put both arms around his ribs, squeezing him with rib braking strength.  Oregon tried not to show his pain, and smiled reassuringly, "So? How w-was…Was it?" he asked holding her up gently, West didn't respond for a moment breathing deeply. "I-it w-was f-fine." She said, Oregon suddenly kissed her.
West starred at him a long moment, too surprised to speak. "You just did that to calm me down didn't you?" She asked after a moment. "Well…Maybe, and any other time you would have hit me for it so." Oregon responded smirking. West grunted "Very funny." She mumbled, "I'll try again." She said Oregon released her as she went under again. West burst up out of the water, she smiled. "It's great!" She declared. Oregon smiled "I'm glad y-" He was cut short as something silver blurred by his vision and slammed into West, both her and whatever 'it' was went under the water with a loud splash.
"WEST!" Oregon yelled, diving into the water his vision was blurred as he looked around. Trying to find West.
What was that thing?
Meanwhile Missouri was messing around with Hawaii in the water, when he felt something brush against his legs, something cold and metal, the feeling sent shivers all the way up his spine and made him Freeze in place for a moment. He stopped and looked down confused. "Father?" Hawaii asked seeing his expression. "Sweetie…I think it's time to get out." Hawaii tilted her head. "Why?"
"Get out! NOW!" He suddenly yelled, Hawaii jumped. Right at that moment, something long and silver burst from the water, and attacked Missouri. He fell over down into the lakes water, the thing was very long like a snake, and was robotic with small pointy legs if you could even call them legs. Its head was the shape of a cone but split open to show a giant rows of silvery shingling teeth and a long robotic tongue with a spike.  It slammed into Missouri's chest with impact like a car, opening its jaws to show its teeth water filled Missouri's ears and mouth. He struck it across the jaws, and got his right foot under its snake like frame kicking upwards. But his strength didn't help him much, in the water everything was slow.  He looked around hopping to find a rock or something in the water to help him, as the thing thrashed with him in the water trying to take him deeper in. He spotted another silver flash, and saw West ripping the head off of the one that had attacked her. But he didn't get to look any longer as the one on top of him screeched, even with the water he could hear it, the sound was painful to his water filled ears. He ripped off one of its legs, and thrashed and kicked, twisting in the water he got up on top if it put both arms around its cone shaped head.
And twisted.
Its head came off with a loud screech and groaning twisting painful noise as Missouri threw its head aside, he starred at its body for a moment before remembering something quiet, quiet important.
He quickly swam to the surface his chest aching and burst out of the water taking in deep breaths of air, between coughing and hacking. He came to the shallower water, still coughing hard Oregon came to his side and helped him to the shore. "Where's everyone else?" Missouri asked. "I don't know, those things came out of nowhere...West is fighting one now I think."
Missouri glanced over to see West fighting with one on the shore, she growled kicking it hard and managed to punch its face, after some more struggling she snapped its head off. "Okay! Who's bright idea was this?!" She growled. Missouri couldn't help but laugh. The rouge Freelancers were gathered on the shore line now,  West was pacing angrily Nevada was sitting on a rock quietly, and Oregon was making sure the water was out of Missouri's lungs. And Drake was standing next to Virginia.
"I think we should go back to base and find out whats going on." Nevada said, West nodded "I agree with her."
"Seems like a simple enough plan to me. We need to make sure these things don't get back to the base…Wait…Where's Hawaii?" Missouri asked. "I don't know I thought she was with you?" West responded. "Yes, but I told her to go to the shore but I didn't see where she went before that thing attack me." Missouri explained to West standing up. "You guys head back to base, I'm going looking for Ziree." He said turning around. "Wait wait! Missouri, if those things are out the-"
"I'll be fine. Go!" With that he turn and ran into the woods.
"He's not even wearing armor!" West explained, and sighed. "Men, they always jump head first into trouble without thinking about it." She mumbled.  Oregon laughed "That's why we're so charming!" he joked, West just grunted.  "C'mon Drake me and you in the lead." She said Drake nodded "Got it." They headed off in the other direction, West placed her feet down carefully trying not to step on any twigs or make a lot of noise so she wouldn't alert the things, she kept her ears open for any unnatural sounds and her eyes looking for anything Silver. For a long while they seemed fine, but then three of the snake like things they saw earlier burst out of the ground sending dirt and gravel everywhere. "Gah! I didn't know they could do that!" West said. "Well we know now!" Oregon yelled  as one jumped at him, he moved aside pulling out his combat knife in the same movement. And leaping forwards just in time  jabbing it into the base of the neck of the thing, he twisted the knife wrapping his other arm around its head. It struggled and fought with him for a long moment before going still with a loud screech. He turned in time to see west Rip the head off the other one, and Drake brought his foot down on the last one smashing its head in.  "C'mon we have to hurry, or the freelancers at the base won't know what hit them!" Oregon said, they all nodded, West walked over and suddenly picked Oregon up. "We'd move faster if it was me and Drake." She explained, Oregon nodded feeling uncomfortable.
Meanwhile Missouri was racing through threw woods, "Ziree!" He called stopping in a clearing. "Dang it Ziree…I wish you listened to me when I told you…" He muttered quietly, looking around for any sign of her. He heard a noise in the ground and looked down. "No way…" He pulled out his combat knife,  just as two of the silver snake like things burst from the ground at him, the first one open its mouth wide showing off its array of sharp silver teeth. Then suddenly its head exploded into a million pieces, Missouri jumped back surprised the next one screeched but its head too exploded suddenly.
"Why didn't you invite me to the party?!" Said an all to familiar voice from a tree branch behind Missouri, he turned around to see his brother. Agent North Carolina, or Aro as he went by. Aro was short for arrow, Hench the explosions, exploding arrows.
"I thought you said you didn't like exploding arrows brother?" Missouri called.
"Oh, well that was before you got yourself into this little mess. And besides  I don't think regular arrows would do much against those. Do you?" Missouri chuckled "No probably not." He turned serious "I can't find Ziree." He said, Aro jumped down from the tree. "Oh you mean Hawaii? I haven't seen her so far, I did see your friends over there though heading towards the base." Missouri just nodded and started walking again. Aro followed besides him, "Well, if you were her where would you go?" Aro asked. "She'd probably hide…She gets scared easily…" Missouri glanced upwards. "And she likes to climb."
"Well…That leaves a whole lot of places actually…" Aro said looking up with him.
"Yeah…Not to mention those things are out there…" Missouri responded.
"Just another day on the job huh?" Aro said.
Missouri smiled. "You bet Brother. You bet."
They were interrupted by a scream, they both looked at each other.
A spent most of the weekend, and most of my spare time (minus last night's livestream) on this. And I think it was worth it! I tried to fix any spelling mistaken but if you see one please forgive me, English isn't always good with me. And sometimes I miss something, feel free to point it out if you like. :) Its rather long, but if you could take a few minutes to read it and leave a comment, it would mean the world to me! Thank you!

This is only Chapter one, Missouri and Aro hear a scream. Was it Hawaii? And if so, where is she? And willt he other freelancers get to the base in time? Or our they all on their own against that strange new enemy? ;) Wait and see! :D

EDIT: Oh sorry almost forgot!
Nevada (c) :icondesructivemonkey:
West (c) me
Missouri (c) :iconcyran204:
Aro (c) :iconeagalus:
Oregon (c) :iconagentdavidwashington:
Virginia (c) :icondesructivemonkey:
Hawaii (c) Me
George: (c) :icondesructivemonkey:

EDIT2: Keep forgetting things ACK!
Also I picked this name because after awhile I rather liked it, ad a friend of mine liked it as well :) hope you don't mind. I also fixed the spelling misstates I saw.

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Turbofurby Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Everytime I see Missouri I think of my Missouri->[link]
Grace-Winters Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Student General Artist
hehe XD, yeah Missouri in this one is Cyran204's OC. :)
Turbofurby Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know it's just what pops in my mind everytime I read that word.
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